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Rights of introductory tenants

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The rights available to introductory tenants.

Introductory tenants have some rights in common with secure tenants, but not all.

Right to repairs

Landlords of introductory tenants have the repairing obligations contained within section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, specifically that it must keep the structure and exterior of the dwelling-house in good repair, and keep the installations in the dwelling-house for the supply of water, gas, electricity, sanitation, space heating and heating water in good repair and proper working order .

If the local authority does not do certain minor repairs for then the tenant could receive compensation under the right to repair scheme.[1] For more information, please Local authority tenants:additional remedies.


An introductory tenancy can pass to the spouse or a member of the tenant's family on the tenant's death, where certain conditions are met. There can only be one succession unless the tenancy agreement allows otherwise. For details see Succession:Introductory tenancies.

Right to information

Local authorities and housing action trusts with introductory tenants must publish information about the terms of their introductory tenancies, the landlord's repairing obligations and other provisions. A copy of the terms of introductory tenancies must be given to each tenant as soon as possible after the grant of an introductory tenancy.[2]

Right to be consulted

Local authorities and housing action trusts must consult and take into account introductory tenants' views on housing management issues.[3]

County court jurisdiction

The county court has the jurisdiction to determine questions arising about introductory tenants and their rights, and to deal with possession proceedings and other claims in connection with introductory tenancies.[4]

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