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Unprotected mobile homes

This content applies to England

The position of mobile homes stationed on unprotected sites.

Some mobile home owners will fall outside all statutory protection (including protection from illegal eviction under the Caravan Sites Act 1968) if they are not on a protected site. For more information see Protected sites. Although the owner of the site will be required to follow the terms of any terms of their contract or lease. Further, it is an offence for a site owner to fail to comply with a condition of a licence issued by the local authority. If they are convicted of an offence on more than one occasion the court can revoke the licence.[1]

However mobile home occupiers who rent their home, whether under a licence or a tenancy, may have the protection of the Protection for Eviction Act 1977. In such cases, the site owner must serve valid notice to quit and obtain a court order in order to evict the occupier, unless that person is an excluded occupier.[2] The occupier of a genuine holiday let is an excluded occupier.[3]

If the site only has planning permission as a holiday site, then the owner of a caravan stationed there is unprotected, but holiday caravanners do have the benefit of the site licence and otherwise can rely on the terms of their contract or lease.

The information on this page applies only to England. Go to Shelter Cymru for information relating to Wales.

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