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Introductory licences

This content applies to England

Introductory licences created by the Housing Act 1996.

Introductory licences were created by the Housing Act 1996.[1] Where a local authority chooses to operate an introductory tenancy scheme, the provisions also apply to all new licences. See Introductory tenancies for more details.

Introductory licensees have the same rights as introductory tenants, including succession and assignment rights. For more details about these rights, see Rights of introductory tenants and Rights not available to introductory tenants.

An introductory licence can only be ended by the landlord by obtaining a court order for possession after a written notice of possession proceedings. The court must order possession if the landlord has followed the correct procedure.

For more details of how an introductory tenancy can be terminated see Ending an introductory tenancy.

[1] s.126 Housing Act 1996.

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