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Restricted contracts

This content applies to England

Restricted contracts as defined by the 1977 Rent Act. It conferred limited security of tenure on certain residential occupiers who did not qualify for the much fuller security of the regulated tenant.

No new restricted contracts can be created since the Housing Act 1988 came into force on 15 January 1989. Any change in the terms of a restricted contract letting since 15 January 1989 is likely to have ended the restricted contract (see the page on Losing restricted contract status). However, advisers may still come across people who have restricted contracts although their numbers are decreasing.

What is a restricted contract?

An explanation of a restricted contract. 

General legal definition

The general legal definition of a restricted contract. 

Lettings by resident landlords

Definition of restricted contracts, which relates to lettings with resident landlords. 

Sharing living area with landlord

The status of a tenant who shares living accommodation with the landlord. 

Lettings that cannot be restricted

Lettings that cannot be restricted contracts. 

Security of tenure

Security of tenure of tenants with restricted contracts. 

Losing restricted contract status

Situations where restricted contract status will be lost. 

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