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Duration of secure tenancies

This content applies to England

The duration of fixed-term, periodic and statutory periodic secure tenancies .


Most secure tenancies are granted for an indefinite period with the rent being paid on a periodic basis for example weekly or monthly.

Fixed-term and statutory periodic

Sometimes a tenancy may be granted for a set (fixed) period of time, for example, one year. If the tenancy carries on after this time, without a further fixed term being granted, the tenancy becomes statutory periodic. Once a fixed-term tenancy becomes statutory periodic, it can be ended in the same way as a periodic tenancy (see Ending a secure tenancy).

From 1 April 2012, a landlord who is capable of granting a secure tenancy can grant 'flexible tenancies', a form of fixed-term secure tenancy.[1] For more information see Creating a flexible tenancy.

[1] s.107A Housing Act 1985 as inserted by s.154 Localism Act 2011.

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