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Tied accommodation

This content applies to England

The position of occupiers who live in accommodation provided by their employers.

The occupier, depending on her/his particular circumstances, may have any of the following types of tenure: secure, assured, assured shorthold, regulated, basic protection, a restricted contract, or be excluded from protection. The section first examines the distinction between service occupancy and service tenancy, and then looks at the security of tenure of each. The page on service occupiers looks at the significance of occupiers who share accommodation with the landlord, and also whether rent or money's worth is paid. The page on service tenants looks at the security of tenure of service tenants in the private sector and the public sector. The position of agricultural workers living in tied accommodation is explained in the section on Agricultural occupiers.

Service occupancy or tenancy

How to distinguish between a service occupancy and a service tenancy. 

Service occupiers: security of tenure

Security of tenure for service occupiers. 

Service tenants

Security of tenure for service tenants. 

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