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Landlords, letting agents and charities urge the government to help renters clear Coronavirus (COVID-19) rent debts and stay in their homes

Organisations representing tenants, landlords and letting agents unite to urge the government to provide financial help to private renters p...

Posted on 28 Aug 2020

 Thousands of private renters made homeless as pandemic unfolds, which Shelter warns is just the beginning

The government has released new figures on homelessness in England today....

Posted on 20 Aug 2020

Over 450,000 private renting parents fear ‘Covid-homelessness’

Shelter urges the government to step in and build social homes everyone can afford...

Posted on 30 Jul 2020

No DSS: Landmark court ruling confirms housing benefit discrimination is unlawful

Housing benefit discrimination has been judged unlawful and in breach of the Equality Act at a landmark ruling at York County Court on July ...

Posted on 14 Jul 2020