Bring private renting ‘up to scratch’

10 August 2009


Shelter is calling on the Government to introduce stronger regulation of the private rented sector as latest figures show an extra 300,000 households are renting property.

The Government has now finished its consultation on a proposed ‘light touch’ online register for all landlords, saying this would be enough to root out bad landlords and help those who are new to renting and don’t understand their responsibilities. But Shelter says unless there is a more robust regulatory system in place, bad practice will carry on and many of the three million households who rent privately could continue to be let down by inexperienced or rogue landlords.

Shelter chief executive Sam Younger said: 'With more people now entering the private rented sector, either as a tenant or a landlord, it is now time to bring this sector up to scratch and create a better deal for everyone involved.
'We cannot continue to recognise the importance of licensing and regulation for other sectors, whilst failing to properly regulate a sector that is responsible for housing three million households.'
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