'House of Cards' ads launched

23 March 2009

House of Cards

Shelter is launching a new advertising campaign today on the London underground to highlight the depth of Britain’s housing crisis.

The ‘House of Cards’ campaign launches with 500 posters in tube stations all over London. Created by advertising agency Leo Burnett, the adverts show houses made from collapsing playing cards as a stark warning that Britain’s housing market is on the verge of collapse. The agency has also created a TV advertisement for the campaign.

View the House of Cards advert and find out more

The 60 second commercial featuring Radiohead’s ‘Videotape’ and a voiceover by the Academy Award nominated actress Samantha Morton, who herself experienced homelessness before she became famous. This is the first time Radiohead have allowed one of their tracks to be used in commercial advertising in the UK. 

Samantha Morton said: ‘Having experienced homelessness myself I know how hard it can be. That's why I am supporting Shelter's new 'House of Cards' ad campaign and I hope it has the impact needed to help people who are homeless or trapped in bad housing right now.’

Radiohead said: ‘We have always been big supporters of Shelter and believe that now more than ever Shelter urgently needs help and support to keep up its vital work. Videotape is the perfect track to support the ad so we decided to let Shelter use it in the hope that it will help make a real impact.’

Adam Sampson, chief executive of Shelter, said: ‘With more than 1.9 million households on council housing waiting lists in the UK, we can no longer stand back and watch our housing market collapse. 

‘Our new ‘House of Cards’ campaign aims to not only wake people up to the fact we are in the midst of a huge housing crisis in the UK, but also remind people that Shelter is here to help anyone at risk of losing their home.’

The campaign will call on people to pledge their support, either by signing up to the Now is the Time campaign, or by donating money for our vital work helping people find and keep a home. Visit the House of Cards page