Brown commits to affordable homes

30 June 2009

Gordon Brown

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown's promise of additional money for new homes over the next two years, made in his 'Building Britain's Future' manifesto, has been welcomed by Shelter chief executive Sam Younger.

'Building Britain's Future' outlines the Government's plans for the next few years. The £1.5bn announced in the statement will mean an extra 20,000 energy efficient, affordable homes to rent or buy over the next two years.

Mr Younger said: 'New money for affordable housing is what Britain’s crisis-hit housing industry needs. Building 110,000 affordable homes over the next two years will begin to tackle the severe lack of housing throughout the country and give families and young people the chance of a decent home.

'The Prime Minister has made it clear that housing is one of his top priorities along with education, health and jobs, which must all be the cornerstones of economic recovery.'

Mr Younger also welcomed the announcement to allow local authorities to keep the receipts from rent. 'This will mean councils can play a full part in delivering the homes Britain needs for the future.'