Local elections in your area?

2 June 2009

Local election candidate

Do you live in a part of the country where local elections are taking place? Shelter is challenging local election candidates to make affordable housing a key part of their manifesto - and you can help us.

We're calling on all local candidates to sign the Shelter Housing Pledge, and state publically that they'll take action to ensure affordable housing is treated as a top priority if they are elected. By printing one off here and asking your local candidates to sign it, you can help us get the message across.

House-building is stalling in the recession - 33,000 fewer new homes were completed in 2008/09 in England than in the previous year, making the housing shortage more chronic than ever. Meanwhile nearly 1.8 million households were on the housing waiting lists in England at the 1st of April 2008.

Shelter’s campaigns manager Martha Hannan said: 'The council housing waiting list figures show just how critical the need for more affordable housing has become, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are an increasing number of people living in overcrowded or insecure housing conditions simply because there are not enough affordable homes.

'At a time when house building is severely declining and more and more people are in desperate need of a decent home, there is an urgent need for local councils to give priority to more affordable housing, restarting stalled housing schemes and buying up public land for development.'

Ms Hannan added: 'We know that voters  are struggling with high housing costs, and their families’ lives are affected by the lack of affordable housing in their area. This is an issue that we need local politicians to take action on as a priority.'

No local elections in your area? You can still get involved in our campaigning work