Adam Sampson to move on

23 March 2009

Shelter chief executive Adam Sampson

Shelter chief executive Adam Sampson is leaving the organisation to take up a new role as Chief Ombudsman at The Office for Legal Complaints (OLC).

The OLC will be a new organisation to develop and administer an independent ombudsman scheme to deal with complaints by consumers about legal services.

Adam, who was previously Assistant Prisons Ombudsman, will leave Shelter to start work with the OLC in three months, formally taking up post as Chief Ombudsman on 1 July 2009.

Responding to the news, Shelter’s acting Chair, Hugh Norton, said:

'Over the six year period in which he has been its CEO, Adam has given Shelter strong executive leadership. The Board is grateful to him for taking Shelter through a period of considerable change and challenge, and for the way he has led its transformation in response to the fast-moving pressures of today's world.

'Most importantly, he has helped to move housing issues from the periphery to the centre of the political landscape. We wish him all success as he pursues his further career, and develops the new organisation he is taking on as its first Chief Executive.

'The Board will be making an early appointment of an Interim CEO to take Adam's place pending the appointment of a permanent replacement. Meanwhile Adam will, until his departure, continue to lead Shelter's vigorous participation in the current national debate on housing, and its services of advice and assistance to the homeless and poorly housed.'

Adam Sampson added:

'The six or more years I have spent in Shelter have been some of the most satisfying – and challenging – of my life. Shelter has and always will be very important to me and I always knew that it would take a special job to tempt me away.

'The prospect of being in a position to set up and lead a new organisation which will help to protect consumer interests and drive improvements through our legal services is too exciting to turn down.

'I look forward with keen anticipation to the challenge of my new job and, at the same time, look back with a deep sense of satisfaction with the achievements I have been lucky enough to be a part of at Shelter.'