Shelter film wins major award

29 September 2009

Patsy Palmer in Trapped

Trapped, a short film starring Patsy Palmer (pictured), made for Shelter by Seefood Films, has won the prestigious IVCA Clarion Award for Interactive Media.

Launched in January 2008, Trapped is a dramatic short film depicting one mother’s struggle to keep her young family together as poverty and misfortune eventually leads to their tragic descent into homelessness.

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Shot by Tony Imi, the original director of photography for Cathy Come Home, the film vividly illustrates how homelessness is still tearing families apart today.

The film includes interactive features allowing the viewer to make decisions for the family.

Film director and producer for Seefood Films, Rowland Jobson, and his team collected the award at a ceremony at BFI Southbank on Friday 25th September. Rowland was inspired to make the short 25-minute film for Shelter following his own personal experience of homelessness.

Rowland said: 'Because of what happened to me I felt it was important to make people aware of what it’s like to be homeless, and do something myself to help other people in the same position. I think especially now with so many people losing their homes it is extremely important Shelter’s work is recognised.

'Interactive drama works at a deeper level than simple advertising because the viewer becomes active in taking on the decisions of the characters and engaging in the problems the character faces. It works both on an emotional and intellectual level so you have to think about the problems and you don’t forget something when you have been through it yourself.

Rowland added: 'I am thrilled to have won this IVCA Clarion Award, it clearly recognises how Trapped successfully brought the issue of homelessness to life and truly engaged the audience with the subject matter.'

Martha Hannan, Head of Campaigns for Shelter, said: 'Trapped is a powerful and moving portrayal of the harsh reality of life for victims of the housing crisis and it has been vitally important in helping us raise awareness of the issue of homelessness in a new and interactive way.

'Rowland and the Seefood team deserve this award for all their passion and hard work. We are extremely grateful to them for making Trapped and putting the issue of homelessness back on the big screen.'

Rowland’s current film 'GirlLikeMe' has just had its world premiere in official selection at the 66th Venice International Film Festival. It was one of only two British films selected for competition at the Venice International Film Festival. 

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