News – August 2010

A selection of Shelter's e-cards

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27 August 2010

Want to wish someone luck, a happy birthday, congratulations, or just let friends and family know you’re thinking of them? We’ve got online greetings cards for every occasion!

Well done Jason!

Jason's done it! 

23 August 2010

A huge thank you to Jason Arday, who has now completed his amazing challenge of running 30 marathons in 35 days for Shelter.

A new block of flats

Halfway house? 

19 August 2010

Although the number of new completed houses is up this quarter, they are still less than half of what’s needed to meet demand, Shelter said today.

A man getting advice from Shelter adviser

Repossession risk remains 

12 August 2010

The Government must keep funding for debt advice services to help the thousands of families at risk of arrears and repossession, Shelter has urged.

A new house

New Homes Bonus not enough 

10 August 2010

The Government’s New Homes Bonus for councils is welcome, but it won’t be enough to solve the housing crisis, Shelter has warned.

Busk Sheffield promotional poster

Buskers hit the right note 

06 August 2010

Sheffield’s best musicians and performers took part in the UK’s first mass busking event last weekend, raising a tuneful £1,200 for our work with homeless and badly housed people.

David Cameron

Review supply, not tenure 

03 August 2010

The Prime Minister has sidestepped the fundamental cause of our housing crisis: the desperate lack of affordable housing supply, Shelter has said today.

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