Time for bed!

15 July 2010

Nina sitting on bed

If you happen to be passing by London’s Old Street, you’re bound to notice an unusual window display on the ground floor of Shelter HQ. Artist Nina Davis has made a bed from more than 2,000 Metro newspapers – quilt, pillows and all!

Nina created the bed to highlight the many possibilities for the uses of recycled papers. It is a temporary structure which can be manipulated in many different ways.

The bed is also a reminder of the importance of home and aims to raise awareness of the thousands of people in Britain who wake up every day in housing that is run-down, overcrowded, or dangerous, and the many others who have lost their home altogether.

Nina was inspired to create the bed whilst working with residents of a young people's sheltered housing association in Bath, where she learned about the range of difficulties young homeless people in Britain face. She said: ‘Making the bed was an exciting and challenging project. I hope it will draw attention to the help that homeless and badly housed people need on a daily basis.’

Look out for a Shelter art auction later this year where you could bid for the bed  - watch this space for details!

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