Potential cuts ‘extremely worrying’

10 June 2010

Campbell Robb

News that affordable housing projects may be abandoned due to a shortfall in funds is ‘extremely worrying’, Shelter’s chief executive Campbell Robb has said.

Responding to the revelation today of a shortfall in funds for affordable housing, Mr Robb said:

‘This is extremely worrying news, especially for the 1.8 million households currently on waiting lists and the million children trapped in overcrowded conditions,  desperately in need of an affordable home.

‘It’s simply not acceptable that affordable housing projects already on track to deliver new homes will now have to be abandoned because government funds are no longer available. Apart from the fact these homes are urgently needed, this will have a huge impact on people’s jobs, our economic growth and will weaken our capacity to build homes in the future as skills in the industry are lost. 

‘The coalition government cannot just give up on the millions of people who need a decent affordable home and must find the money needed to ensure these housing projects go ahead.’

Shelter’s Local Housing Watch highlights the urgent need for affordable housing, with the average price of a home in England and Wales now £175,000.