Shelter goes Urban!

15 June 2010

Street art

Shelter and building design consultancy Urban Infill are hosting an exhibition of urban photography and artwork as part of the London Festival of Architecture this July.

Urban Infill has commissioned a leading fashion photographer to capture 10 empty sites around London, to highlight the potential of the unused spaces and to encourage us to see the city from a different perspective.

Architects, designers and artists will then choose a canvas to manipulate an image of their choice onto, and their final pieces will shown in a public exhibition from 10am on Thursday 1 July at Cordy House on Curtain Road, London EC2.

The artwork will be available to buy via silent auction, with all proceeds going to Shelter. The exhibition closes and bidding ends at 6pm on Sunday 11 July.

Visitors to the exhibition can also suggest their own ideas for the spaces by creating their own pieces on a public interactive wall using printed images and artistic mediums provided, or whatever they want to bring with them!

Urban Infill logoContributors include Chris Wilkinson of Wilkinson Eyre architects, Terry Farrell and Partners, Bill Amberg, Squire and Partners and many more.

London Festival of Architecture logoYou can view the pieces and make your bid on the Urban Infill website.

For more information about the exhibition, contact Ian Dollamore at Urban Infill on 020 7407 1407 or email