New Housing Minister faces huge task, Shelter warns

5 September 2012

Mark Prisk

Shelter is urging the new Housing Minister, Mark Prisk (pictured), to give our housing crisis the attention it deserves.

Shelter’s Chief Executive, Campbell Robb, said:

‘There can be no underestimating the scale of the task facing the new Housing Minister as he takes up office.

‘On a daily basis we see the toll our housing crisis is taking on families across the country, with high levels of repossessions, rising homelessness, and people cutting back on food or delaying starting a family because of the cost of housing. 

‘A whole generation is seeing their aspirations to home ownership fading away, stuck paying sky-high rents and living under the constant threat of eviction or further rent rises. They know that even if they work hard and save hard, that first rung on the property ladder will still remain out of reach.

‘For decades, housing hasn’t been given the attention or investment it deserves – while small scale policies have not been in short supply, these have never added up to more than the sum of their parts. 

‘The Government has the perfect opportunity in the forthcoming housing announcement to provide some really bold and creative ideas to fix this mess, and to show the millions of people who are struggling that it understands the difficulties they are facing. 

‘In doing so they can also provide a solid foundation from which the new minister can make a genuine difference to a generation left on the property scrapheap, and we look forward to working with him on this.’ 

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