Councillors can use this text to help you pass a resolution for a landlord accreditation scheme through your local council.

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You may also find Shelter's landlord accreditation briefing useful:

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This Council notes that:

  • Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, has highlighted the growing problem of rogue landlords in Britain operating in the private rented sector.
  • Approximately 61 per cent of local authorities currently offer a landlord accreditation scheme.

This Council believes that:

  • with the number of people living in the private rented sector growing and set to increase further, there should be a system in place in <<MYTOWN>> for tenants to check whether they are renting from a good landlord.

This Council resolves to:

  • put in place a landlord accreditation scheme which will provide an objective benchmark for landlords to operate against, while informing and empowering tenants to make good choices.

Key facts

  • While the majority of landlords are good and reputable, there are a small minority of rogue landlords who prey on vulnerable tenants.
  • Landlord accreditation is an excellent way of showing tenants that their landlord is a professional and meets good standards.
  • Landlord accreditation schemes can be a flexible and cost effective tool to improve standards and address particular problems in <<MYTOWN’S>> private rented sector.
  • Many local authorities with schemes have seen more sustained tenancies, improved standards and issues being resolved earlier with lower costs to authorities.
  • Many local authorities have set up cost-saving partnerships with neighbouring authorities to run their accreditation schemes enabling them to share the set-up costs.
  • Including credible minimum standards within accreditation schemes should mean that tenants will always prefer to rent from an accredited landlord.

*The information used by Shelter to ascertain whether a Local Authority offers an accreditation scheme was collected from individual Local Authority websites and was correct on the 17 January 2011. Local Authority information is subject to change and Shelter cannot be held responsible for alterations after this date.