Stewart's story

1 February, 2017

When Shelter first heard from Stewart, his relationship with his partner had broken down and he was sleeping in his car.
'Me and my partner were going through a really rough patch at the time. We tried to sort it out, but it just didn’t work. There was a lot of tension there.'
'It was like a choice between me and my partner, or me and the kids. So obviously, you being a parent, you pick the kids don’t you? You wouldn’t pick a relationship over your kids.'
For seven months, after the relationship broke down, Stewart's son and daughter stayed with family and friends, while he slept outside in the car.

'We couldn’t have time together. I couldn’t come home, make them dinner, put them in the bath, watch a bit of TV with them, then off they go to bed.

'We couldn’t do any of that, because we just didn’t have anywhere.

'We just couldn’t have any kind of routine. No stability whatsoever. And it was hard, really hard.

'At the same time, I was going to the council, trying to apply for emergency housing. I went several times. And I was holding down a 60 hour a week job.'

Sadly, Stewart's story is not unique.

Every day across Britain 150 families become homeless.

"As soon as I spoke to Ian from Shelter, within the first couple of days, things were moving.

'Ian sorted out the housing application and he helped us get into emergency accommodation. I tried for probably six months to get in there, and Ian got me in there within a couple of days.

'Ever since then it’s just kept moving, forward and forward and forward. We were in emergency accommodation I think two weeks when we got offered our council house'

'The day we moved in was one of the best days of my life. It was the day before my son’s birthday so he thought our new home was a present!'
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