All political parties must commit to building more social housing

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'I’ve moved eight times since I had my daughter'

I’ve moved eight times since I had my daughter. It is not fair to expect people and their children to hop from home to home. The longest I’ve been in a home is two and a half years.

- Lucie, 29

The housing emergency is at crisis point. The cost of private renting has sky-rocketed, but it isn’t providing the homes people need. From the huge increase in people sleeping rough to the families and older people being left to cope in temporary accommodation, the situation is desperate.

But with the general election on 12 December, we have a chance to change things.

Quality social housing helps people get on in life

Right now, too many people are being held back by the lack of a decent, stable, and affordable home – people like Lucie, whose family are living with the constant fear and stress of not being able to afford to pay their rent. Even worse, they – and so many families like them – are at the mercy of private landlords who can evict them with virtually no notice.

Investing in social housebuilding is the only way to tackle the root cause of the housing emergency. It would give Lucie and all those like her the stability they need to grow and thrive.

But with the number of social houses being built at its lowest for 70 years, homelessness spiralling, and 1.1 million households currently stuck in limbo on the waiting list, it’s clear that our political parties must commit to building a new generation of social homes now.

The housing emergency can’t wait

This general election is our chance to put right successive governments’ continued failure to provide genuinely affordable homes to help those priced out and struggling. We must not let Brexit overshadow what this country desperately needs: investment in at least 90,000 social homes every year during the next parliament.