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'It was definitely the hardest time of my life'

How do you explain to a child who’s gone to school in the morning that they’ve got nowhere to live when they come home?

- Angela

Right now, too many people are being held back by the lack of a decent, stable home they can afford. People like Angela and Kardinell, who were homeless for 15 months. They slept on friends’ sofas, while Kardinell had to do his homework from cafes and fast food restaurants.

Without the secure foundation of a home, their lives – like so many others – are put on hold.

But we have a chance to change things.

Quality social housing helps people get on in life

Investing in social housebuilding will tackle the root cause of the housing emergency. With a secure, long-term tenancy and the stability of locally affordable rent, a social home provides the security and opportunity to put down roots and plan for the future.

For Angela and Kardinell, being offered a social home gave them the stability they desperately needed.

‘I feel so genuinely thankful that we are in a secure, affordable accommodation. No-one can do anything without a foundation…it stunts your growth.’

The housing emergency can’t wait

The number of social homes being built is at its lowest for 70 years. People can’t wait any longer. Homelessness has spiralled and millions of people are trapped in expensive and often poor quality private rented homes. There are 1.1 million households who are stuck in limbo on the social housing waiting list.

It’s clear the government must commit to building a new generation of social homes now.

They have a chance to put this right, and provide the stability of a secure and genuinely affordable home that people across the country urgently need.