Demand more social housing

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Less than 6,500 new social homes were delivered last year. And with 1.1 million households on the waiting list, we need to act now.

Lola and her two daughters were evicted from their damp, cold flat last year. They can’t afford to rent anywhere else nearby.

They’re on the waiting list for social housing, but it could be years before they get a place to live. Just not enough affordable homes are being built.

It’s why so many families like Lola’s are stuck in limbo, forced to pay soaring rents for poor quality accommodation they could be evicted from at any moment. It means they can’t plan for tomorrow, let alone the future — but your MP can change this.

Email your MP about social housing

In the next few months, the government will hold a Spending Review to decide how taxpayers’ money will be spent in the coming years. If we can get them to prioritise social housing by committing more funds, it could change everything.

To make the most of this money, we also need the government to bring down the cost of land by reforming the land market. Right now, money that could be spent on building more houses is being wasted paying high prices for the land it goes on.

Together, these two changes can secure a long-term solution for everyone priced out and struggling. But the only way either will go ahead is if we can convince the nation’s MPs to ask our new Prime Minister to make them a priority now.

It just makes me very anxious. I worry all the time.

Lola, who’s on the waiting list for social housing