End no-fault evictions: a new deal for renting

Have your say to ensure fairer renting for all

More than 11 million people are now private renters, including growing numbers of older people and families. And because of current unfair rules, these renters are at risk of being thrown out for no reason – even when they pay their rent on time and take good care of the property.

But now we have a chance to give renters back their right to a secure home as the government is considering scrapping no-fault evictions.

This move will create a fairer balance of power between renter and landlord. It’ll give tenants the confidence to ask for repairs and prevent one of the biggest causes of homelessness: eviction from a privately rented home.

To decide just what form this move takes, the government is holding a public consultation. It’s your chance to demand a fairer renting system. But many landlords want to stop government plans and water them down. We cannot allow this to happen. Together we can end no-fault evictions.

In order to make it quick and easy to make your voice heard, we’ve picked out three of the consultation’s most important questions for you to complete and send to the government using the form below.

Thank you for your interest. This consultation has now ended – but you can still help.

Over a million households are currently on the waiting list for social housing. It’s clear proof that this country is in desperate need of truly affordable homes.

We must let the government know that this can’t go on. Help us keep up the pressure for change by signing this petition to demand that the government builds more social housing. Together, we can turn the housing crisis around.