Shelter’s response to Grenfell

Since the appalling Grenfell Tower fire, we’ve been working on the ground, supporting households on a daily basis. And we’re campaigning to make sure that a tragedy like this can never happen again.

How we're helping

The Grenfell Tower fire devastated a community, robbing people of their loved ones and homes. At Shelter, we’re here to help in any way we can.

Giving housing advice

Our team is offering advice and providing legal help to households as they try to navigate a complex housing system at the most traumatic of times.

Helping with rehousing

We’re supporting people as they look at new homes, and handle the struggles of living in emergency accommodation.

Working with partners

We’re working with Kensington and Chelsea Citizens Advice Bureau, Westway Trust, The 240 Project and North Kensington Law Centre to give people the support they need.

Have you been affected by the Grenfell Tower fire? We can help.

Our campaigning

Together with our supporters, we’re calling for residents’ voices to be heard and for fundamental changes to the law. This is what we’ve done so far:

Speaking out

After the fire, over 5,000 Shelter supporters emailed their MP demanding residents are rehoused in the borough and put at the heart of the inquiry.

Preventing another Grenfell

We’re campaigning for renters to be able to take legal action over unsafe conditions, like those repeatedly raised by Grenfell residents.

Bringing voices together

In October, we held a panel discussion including Grenfell resident Mahboubeh Jamalbatan, our chief executive Polly Neate and Ed Miliband.

Next steps

We’ll continue making sure that the wider issues brought to light by the Grenfell Tower fire stay in the public eye, and the voices of residents are listened to.

We’re also calling on central government to pay the costs of refurbishing other buildings in the UK to prevent a similar tragedy.

And we’ve carried out a review with Kent and Bristol universities to look at what needs to change in the law following the fire.


The Grenfell Tower fire should be a watershed moment in our national conversation about housing. It is hard for those of us not directly affected to imagine the pain and anger felt by the former residents and those close to them in the community.

At Shelter, we have heard many of their stories from our colleagues working directly to support them. We know it's not enough just to say “never again”. We need to do all we can to ensure those who have power to make lasting change hear and learn the lessons from this tragedy.

Polly Neate
Chief Executive Officer, Shelter

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