A safety net for us all

Many families need welfare just to make ends meet

It may not be perfect – but it’s vital

Without things like tax credits and housing benefit, many of us couldn’t get by each month. Because even working all the hours you can doesn’t guarantee you enough to pay the bills.

That’s why we’re campaigning to protect our welfare safety net from further government cuts. And we want improve it so that people can live well – paying their day-to-day bills without struggling.

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For Becky, welfare’s a necessity

‘My husband and I work hard every day to provide for our kids. He works for the council and I’m a special needs teaching assistant. But paying the bills is still a struggle. If it wasn’t for housing benefit, there’s no way we could make our rent.

‘Do we want to claim benefits? No, of course not. But welfare gives us a lifeline so that things aren't always a struggle. I just want the best for my family.'