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Let's close the viability loophole for good

We’re losing out on affordable homes because of a loophole in national planning laws. And we desperately need these homes – with 1.2 million households on the waiting list for social housing in England, but only 6,200 social homes built in 2015/16.

But what does the situation look like where you are?


This isn't good enough.

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We must act now

Developers and landowners use this loophole (the ‘viability loophole’) to wriggle out of building the affordable homes they should. It means they can promise one thing but deliver another, while maximising their profits.

But right now, the government is reviewing these laws for the first time in six years. Now’s our chance to close the viability loophole for good – so it’s an opportunity we can’t miss. Will you act now, to help get the affordable homes we need?

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We're sorry, but this campaign is only running in England.

To find out more about affordable homes in Scotland, please visit the Shelter Scotland website. For Wales, you can talk to Shelter Cymru and for Northern Ireland, please talk to Housing Rights.

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Through this review, Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Housing, can get the loophole closed for good. But we need your help to get his attention – and we must act fast.

Please share this with your friends and family, so they can see how the shortage of affordable homes is affecting their local area.