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The Big Conversation’s Call for Evidence

Do you work for a professional body or tenants association, or have an interest in social housing? Please share your thoughts through our call for evidence.

What is the Big Conversation?

Shelter has appointed a commission of 16 people to lead a national consultation whose goal is to understand the experiences of current social housing tenants in England and how to respond to those experiences.

The commission, chaired by Rev. Mike Long, also aims to understand the broader role social housing can play in addressing England's housing and homelessness crisis.

Their work will draw on:

  • a major research project
  • an online consultation with people who work in, live in or are interested in social housing
  • a series of public events

We are also holding a call for evidence to give professional bodies and associations the opportunity to share their views and experiences, and to enhance this evidence base.

From all this work, the commission will produce a report on social housing – a blueprint for change – which we’ll take to our political leaders later this year.

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Call for evidence

To take part and share your thoughts:

  1. Download our call for evidence guiding questions. It has the questions we’re interested in. Please consider them from your perspective as an association, organisation, service, tenant or other interested party, and share your thoughts on as many or as few as you would like.
  2. Write your submission in any format, but please keep them to a maximum of twenty pages (10,000 words).
  3. Please send submissions by email to

We need your submission no later than 11 June 2018.

Download the call for evidence guiding questions

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the work of the commission, please get in touch with Rachel Casey on or 0344 515 2046

If you, or anyone in your association would also like to share your thoughts as an individual, please find our survey here.