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Primary - Lesson Plan

Our Neighbourhood

Subjects: Geography, PSHE, English

  • Our Neighbourhood Worksheet

KS1 & 2 (5-11). Encourage pupils to think about their local area and what it means to be part of a community, as well as how it feels to move to a new community. 

Primary - Lesson Plan

Homes in the Community

Subjects: Geography, Art & Design and PHSE

  • Homes in the community lesson plan
  • Homes in the community power point

EYFS, KS1 & 2 (4-11). These resources explore what community means and open up the themes of Affordability, Space, Conditions and Neighbourhoods within your local area.

Primary - Lesson Plan

Happy Homes

Subjects: English, Art & Design and PSHE

  • 'I need a home’ Big Book PowerPoint
  • 'Home' Assembly
  • Totaliser Poster

EYFS, KS1 & 2 (4-11). Explore what a home means to your pupils.  This lesson plan includes elements of participation and optional fundraising for Shelter.

Primary - Lesson Plan

50p Challenge

Subjects: English and PHSE

  • ‘I need a home’ Big Book PowerPoint
  • ‘Home’ Assembly
  • Totaliser Poster
  • Summary Document 

EYFS, KS1 & 2 (4-11). This lesson plan is designed to accompany the 50p Challenge fundraising idea.

Primary - Worksheet

Home needs and wants

Subjects: Maths and PHSE

  • Home needs and wants worksheet

KS1 (5-7). This resource helps children identify what a home looks like, and what is a 'need' or a 'want' when it comes to housing.  Elements include: colour coding and discussion.

Primary - Worksheet

Which home?

Subjects: English, Maths, PHSE

  • 'Which home?' KS2 (7-11) Worksheet

KS2 (7-11). Get your pupils thinking about how different homes are needed for different people's needs, as well as the affordability of different homes.

All Ages - Game

The 'Living Home Standard' Game

Subjects: English, Maths, PHSE

  • The 'Living Home Standard' Game

The Living Home Standard is a benchmark of what acceptable homes should provide.  Play the game to practice subitising numbers, basic addition and raise awareness of the living home standards everyone should expect.