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Civil legal aid

This content applies to England & Wales

Information about the civil legal aid scheme in England and Wales.

Legal aid is a generic term to describe publicly funded legal services. From 1 April 2013, the legal aid funding for England and Wales is administered by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA). Previously, it was administered by the Legal Services Commission (LSC) which was abolished from the same date.

Civil legal aid: an overview

Overview of civil legal aid, levels of service, legal aid advisers, and termination of provision. 

Civil legal aid: scope and eligibility

Eligibility criteria for civil legal aid. 

Statutory charge and contributions

When and how clients might have to repay the cost of legal aid. 

CLA Gateway

Civil Legal Advice (CLA) - formerly Community Legal Advice (CLA) - is a national advice line which provides civil legal aid gateway work. 

Legal Help and Help at Court

Work that can be done under Legal Help and Help at Court. 

Legal Representation

Work that can be done under Legal Representation. 

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