Our impact

Last year, we gave information, support and advice to millions of people facing homelessness or experiencing housing issues. And we won’t stop until there’s a safe, secure and affordable home for everyone.

In 2017/18, people came to Shelter for the following reasons:


needed help dealing with the poor conditions of their home


were struggling to cope on a day-to-day basis


were having trouble with a tenancy, landlord or letting agent


needed help with their finances


lived in an unsafe house or area


were facing eviction or repossession


were looking for somewhere new to live

Our advice and legal staff gave
'face-to-face' help to

last year

Our prison services also worked with 13,212 people

In 2017/18, our helpline team

gave advice to
44,134 households

We spent an average of 25 minutes talking to each caller.

Our online advice pages

5 million visits last year

We had 37,216 conversations with people through our webchat service.

In 2017/18, thanks to our help: 36,000 households saw a positive change in their housing situation

12,000 households

halted their eviction or repossession proceeding and kept their homes

3,300 households

that needed to move home, found somewhere to live

13,600 households

who were having an issue with their landlord or tenancy saw an improvement

5,400 homeless

households found somewhere to live

4,000 households

saw their poor conditions improve

16,000 households

are now coping or managing better on a day-to-day basis

3,000 households

improved their financial situation

Our work has a direct impact on lives


Chris was injured and became unable to work. Shelter helped him find a safe place to recover from his injuries.

Read Chris’ story

Laura’s mouldy council flat was putting her son's life in danger until Shelter’s Hospital Discharge Team took on the family’s case.

Read Laura’s story

Tom’s landlord was exploiting and abusing his vulnerable tenants. Tom, with Shelter’s help, took legal action.

Read Tom’s story

Since 1966, we’ve fought tirelessly to give people a voice. Last year was no exception with our campaigns work influencing the policies of government and other organisations.

£400 million pledged

by the government to remove dangerous cladding in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire. However, as this money is currently due to be taken from the Affordable Homes Programme, our work here is not done.

Lettings Fees to be banned

after a long campaign, the ban is due to come into effect in 2019, a move which will save renters an average of £200.

£125 million increase

to local housing authority rates in areas of the country hit hardest by the welfare freeze. This will help more families who are struggling to pay the rent, to stay in their homes.

Download our Impact Report to read more about how we make a difference.