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Challenging homelessness decisions

This content applies to England

The various ways of challenging local authority homelessness decisions.

See also Overview of homelessness law and guidance for a summary of the provisions of the homelessness legislation. The other sections within the Homelessness section give more detail about the law relating to homelessness. Information about public funding can be found in the Civil legal aid section.

Challenging homelessness decisions: overview

A general overview of challenging local authority decisions. 

Internal reviews

A client's right to an internal review, time limits for requesting a review, how to prepare for an internal review, and the internal review procedure. 

County court appeals

An overview of county court appeals. 

Judicial review

An overview of the judicial review process. 

Accommodation a legal challenge

Accommodation during a challenge to a local authority's decision. 

Human rights challenges

How the Human Rights Act 1998 can be used to challenge local authority decisions. 

Alternatives to legal proceedings

Some alternatives to using legal proceedings to challenge local authority decisions. 

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