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Unable to secure entry

This content applies to England

Homeless applicants who are unable to secure entry to their accommodation.

Unable to secure entry

The Housing Act 1996 defines as homeless someone who has accommodation but is prevented from living in it, eg because of being illegally evicted by the landlord or the property being squatted. The local authority cannot refuse to assist while someone is homeless in this situation, even though legal remedies may be available to the applicant to regain possession of the accommodation.[1]

Applications made before 3 April 2018

The current Homelessness Code of Guidance was introduced on 3 April 2018 and the references on this page are to this Code. For applications made before this date, the recommendations of the 2006 Code of Guidance should apply.

[1] s.175(2)(a) Housing Act 1996; para 6.21 Homelessness Code of Guidance, MHCLG, Feb 2018.

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