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Eligibility: EEA and British nationals

This content applies to England

Eligibility for homelessness assistance for European Economic Area (EEA) and European Union (EU) nationals and their family members pre-Brexit.

The section outlines the eligibility rules under EU law pre-Brexit. For the eligibility rules under UK law post-Brexit see EU settlement scheme.

Overview of the eligibility rules

An overview of the eligibility rules for housing assistance for EEA/EU nationals. 

Right to reside

Information on the right to reside in the UK and how it is derived. 

Persons eligible for assistance

Information on EEA/EU nationals who cannot be treated as ineligible persons from abroad for homelessness assistance. 

Persons ineligible for assistance

An overview of the categories of EU/EEA nationals who are not eligible for housing assistance. 

Habitual residence test

Information on the habitual residence test which certain applicants must fulfil to be eligible for assistance. 

European Union law

An outline of European Union (EU) law relating to immigration and eligibility. 

EU settlement scheme

Information on leave to remain ('settled' and 'pre-settled' status) under Appendix (EU) to the Immigration Rules. 

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