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Allocation of housing by local authorities

This content applies to England

Applying to a local authority for social housing. 

For information on how private registered providers of social housing (PRPSHs) allocate properties, see also the section on the Allocation of PRPSH properties.

Allocations: legislation and guidance

Legislation and guidance regulating the allocation of social housing. 

What is an allocation?

Allocations and exceptions to the rules governing allocation schemes. 

Local authority allocations duties

Local authority's duties in relation to applications for accommodation. 

Qualifying and eligible persons

Local authorities' power to determine who can qualify for an allocation. Categories of persons who are not eligible for an allocation because of their immigration status. 

Priorities and preference

Information about how allocations schemes prioritise applicants. 

Applications, offers, reviews and suitability

An applicant's right to information regarding the status of her/his application and the right to a review of any decision. The offence of giving false information. 

Transfers, exchanges and nominations

Transfers by existing tenants to a different property. 

Contracting out allocations

How local authorities with no housing stock can contract out their allocation functions. 

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