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Asylum seekers

This content applies to England

Housing and support rights for asylum seekers who have applied to remain in the UK and are awaiting a decision, or who have received a decision.

It also provides information about whether an asylum seeker can receive assistance from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), or from a local authority under community care provisions, ie the Children Act 1989 or the Care Act 2014. UKVI, a part of the Home Office, is responsible for the provision of accommodation and support for the vast majority of asylum seekers in the UK (previously this role fell to the UK Border Agency, and before that to the National Asylum Support Service).

For information about eligibility for assistance under homelessness legislation, see the section on Eligibility: non-EEA/EU nationals and the section on Eligibility: EEA/EU nationals. More details about housing benefit entitlement are outlined in the Housing benefit section.

Housing and welfare rights

The legislation that determines the eligibility of asylum seekers to housing, welfare support and legal aid. 

Support from UKVI

Assistance that may be available to asylum seekers from UKVI (formerly the UK Border Agency). 

Security of tenure: UKVI accommodation

What security of tenure an asylum seeker in UKVI accommodation has, and issues around housing conditions, harassment and domestic violence. 

Challenging UKVI decisions

Challenging UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) decisions by way of appeal and judicial review. Also section 4 support. 

Options after asylum decision

What happens after an asylum seeker receives a decision on her/his asylum claim. 

Support under the Care Act or Children Act

Assistance asylum seekers may be entitled to under community care legislation and the Children Act. 

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