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Private rented accommodation

This content applies to England

This section is aimed at advising people who are looking for accommodation in the private rented sector.

It contains an explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of the private rented sector, the types of accommodation that might be available, how to go about looking for private rented accommodation, and what sort of security of tenure, rights and tenancy conditions private rented tenants may have. Please see the section on Security of tenure for more detail about the rights different private tenants have.

Types of accommodation

A look at the different types of private rented accommodation available. 

Factors to consider

The factors to consider when choosing private rented accommodation, namely availability, quality, cost, and security of tenure. 

Finding accommodation

Finding and securing private rented accommodation. 


Information about landlords' and tenants' inventories. 

Key rights of private tenants

Other rights of private tenants. 

Unfair terms and consumer law

How consumer protection law applies to the relationship between landlords and tenants so as to ensure that tenants are not disadvantaged unfairly. 

Right to rent immigration checks

Right to rent checks that private landlords, including people who sub-let or take in a lodger, and their agents must carry out on any adult occupier of their premises in England. 

Rent repayment orders

Orders requiring a landlord/agent who has committed a relevant offence to repay rent/housing benefit/universal credit 

Banning orders

Banning orders prohibit landlords and agents from letting or managing residential properties. 

Rogue landlord database

The rogue landlord database records landlords and agents that are subject to a banning order or have committed a banning order offence. 

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