Section 21 eviction

How long a section 21 eviction takes

Total time to eviction

The full eviction process for a private tenant takes an average of 7 to 8 months.

This covers from when your landlord serves a section 21 notice to when county court bailiffs come to evict you.

The process could be faster if:

  • your landlord wastes no time applying to the court
  • a hearing isn't needed or is listed quickly
  • there's a low waiting time for the bailiffs

Time for each stage

Notice period

valid section 21 notice must give you at least 2 months' notice to leave.

Court order

On average, after a landlord applies to the court, it takes about 2 months for a court to make a possession order.

Bailiff's eviction

If you don't leave after a possession order, it can take about 2 months for the court to agree the bailiffs can evict you.

If your landlord uses county court bailiffs, it then takes an average of 2 months for the bailiffs to evict you after the court agrees they can.

The time can be quicker if your landlord uses High Court bailiffs, also known as High Court enforcement officers. It could be days rather than weeks.

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