Help if you’re homeless: day centres

If you're homeless, day centres offer food, showers and laundry and can help you find somewhere to stay.

What they offer

Day centres offer help with your practical needs, including:

  • cheap food
  • a place to keep warm
  • clean clothes
  • washing facilities

Find out more about getting practical help.

When they're open

Check the opening hours before you go, as some are only open on certain days and at certain times.

How much they cost

Lots of help is free, but you may need to pay for meals and laundry.

Who they're for

Some day centres are for homeless people and rough sleepers. Others are for certain groups of people, including:

  • young people
  • older people
  • people with mental health problems
  • people from particular groups, for example, Eastern Europeans

Last updated - 25 April 2018

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