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First time buyers helped by the Bank of Mum and Dad receiving £23k each 

16 Sep 2014

UK parents give an average of £23,000 when helping their children with a deposit to get onto the property ladder, according to new research from Shelter.

Knife-edge family

Housing costs put 3.4 million households on a financial knife-edge 

09 Sep 2014

More than 3 million households across the country are living on a knife-edge where a small drop in income could cost them their home, new figures reveal today.

Working parents forced to cut back

Housing costs forcing working parents to cut back on food 

29 Aug 2014

Over one in three working parents in England are having to cut back on buying food to be able to afford their rent or mortgage, new research from Shelter reveals today.

600 homes at risk

Almost 600 homes in England at risk every day 

14 Aug 2014

Nearly 600 households in England are at risk of losing their homes every day, new research reveals today.

Forgotten homeless families

Over 1 in 3 homeless families in London stuck in temporary housing for more than 2 years 

07 Aug 2014

Thousands of families across the capital are stuck in housing limbo for years on end, a Shelter investigation revealed today.

Clipped Wing Generation Sarah

Almost two million young working adults still living with Mum and Dad 

29 Jul 2014

Despite working, 48% of 20 to 34 year olds who live with their parents do so because they can’t afford to rent or buy their own home.

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