Tracy and her family

Almost four million families could be just one paycheque away from losing their home 

14 Apr 2014

Millions of working families in the UK could not pay their rent or mortgage for more than a month if they lost their job, according to new figures from Shelter.


Shelter exposes true scale of 'revenge evictions' 

12 Mar 2014

Countless renters across the country are facing ‘revenge evictions’ just for speaking up about bad conditions, a Shelter study has found.

Vertical Rush - Lee Ryan and Duncan James

Record success for Vertical Rush 

04 Mar 2014

Nearly 1,300 people raced up the 920 steps of London skyscraper Tower 42 on Tuesday 4 March to raise money for Shelter.

Mother and baby

Average earners need £29k pay rise to keep up with house prices 

12 Feb 2014

Average earners in England would need to more than double their annual salary just to keep up with out of control house prices, new research by Shelter shows.

Silent strugglers

‘Silent strugglers’ turn to risky borrowing to pay rent 

15 Jan 2014

Thousands of Brits are turning to payday loans to hide that they are having problems paying their rent or mortgage, new research shows.

January advice thumbnail 2014

One in eleven Brits facing rent or mortgage trouble this January 

03 Jan 2014

One in eleven people in Britain fear they won’t be able to afford their rent or mortgage at the end of this month, new research shows.

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