Briefing: Grenfell Tower Adjournment Debate

By: Steve Akehurst  Published: June 2017

The Grenfell Tower fire broke out at around 1am on June 14th 2017. So far 79 people have died or been declared missing presumed dead. Many survivors have lost loved ones. All residents have lost their home. Shelter’s immediate priority is ensuring the survivors of the Grenfell fire are permanently rehoused - in the local area, in the same tenancy. Beyond this, an unrelenting focus must be placed on understanding everything that contributed to this incident and how it was allowed to happen, in order to ensure nothing like it ever happens again.


Shelter services help millions of people every year through our advice line, online and face-to-face services.

We are working on the ground to help survivors of the Grenfell fire, offering free legal support and advice. Our staff are helping residents with the immediate impact of the fire, while our legal team are liaising with authorities to ensure residents’ legal rights to be rehoused – both in the short term and long term - are properly fulfilled.

Our service is based at North Kensington Law Centre. As well as having face-to-face advisers on the ground we have also extended the opening hours of our London helpline to make sure we are available for those who want to speak with us. This is currently open 8am – 8pm weekdays and 8am-5pm weekends and can be reached on 0344 515 1540 – it is also open to residents who have been evacuated by local authorities on safety grounds.

We are aware of several unanswered questions from survivors about their immediate and longer term housing and this briefing outlines these alongside some wider information.


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