Briefing: Housing in the marginals 2015

By: Steve Akehurst  Published: March 2015

This paper examines the extent to which housing affordability is affecting political battlegrounds at the next election. The data we look at for each political battleground covers tenure change, home ownership affordability, private rents and availability of social housing.


This paper looks at housing affordability in 115 marginal seats in England. There are many competing views of what the key 'swing seats' in the 2015 general election are. Therefore, as a credible external reference point, the seats we choose here are the seats polled by pollster Lord Ashcroft in his series of polling in marginal seats – plus the two seats (Milton Keynes South and Plymouth Moor View) which on a uniform swing would give Labour and Conservative respectively a working majority. We have matched affordability data to every single 'Ashcroft polled' seat in England.


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