Response - Homes for the Future: More Affordable, More Sustainable

By: Mark Thomas  Published: October 2007


We strongly support the Government's desire to ensure that the new homes created are the right ones in the right places. This must involve consideration of:


  • Design of homes and neighbourhoods
  • Sustaining the environment
  • Achieving mixed communities
  • Increasing levels of family sized homes
  • Providing adequate infrastructure


However, to tackle the affordability crisis, Government's vision for housing must go further than increasing the supply of homes. In particular, this must include:


  • Reform to Housing Benefit to tackle shortfalls and poverty trap effects
  • Measures to create a more stable and equitable housing market and to contain house price inflation
  • Consideration of the role of the private rented sector and key related issues such as security of tenure, accessibility and housing conditions
  • Reducing mortgage risks through reform to safety nets and an urgent review of the sub prime sector.


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