The Rising Political Salience of Young Renters

By: Robin White  Published: June 2018

The number of private renters in England has risen dramatically in recent years. At the same time, housing circumstance is having an increasingly important influence on how people vote. With more and more young people and families trapped in expensive and insecure private renting can it be expected that they will be looking first and foremost for a political party with a new offer on housing, and renting.


Pollster Matt Singh has described the 2017 General Election as a 'rentquake'. Noting that the tenure in which voters live is increasingly an important factor in how they vote. In particular, the growing numbers of young private renters could be becoming key to success at the next general election.

In this short briefing Shelter breaks down some of the trends around this and demonstrates how a new offer on housing, and private renting in particular, is needed.


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