In work, but out of a home

By: Jenny Pennington and Thomas Weekes  Published: July 2018

Over half of homeless families in England are in work. Based on data obtained through freedom of information requests this analysis by Shelter shows that over 33,000 homeless families trapped in temporary accommodation are actually working.


Official figures haven't previously told us much about the types of families who are becoming homeless. 

To explore this, Shelter have conducted new analysis of government data. Through this analysis we are able to find out the proportion of homeless families in temporary accommodation, who are in work. 

Shelter’s analysis shows that in 2017 55% of families living in temporary accommodation were working. This represents over 33,000 families who were holding down a job despite having nowhere stable to live. 

With so many families in work but out of a home, it’s clear that our current housing and benefit system does not adequately support all hard-working families.


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