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Policy, research and good practice work forms a major part of Shelter's efforts to address and find solutions for homelessness and housing issues. In this section you can browse through the reports, factsheets, briefings and policy consultation responses that we produce.

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Response - Gangmasters Licensing Authority Licensing Standards

Applicable to: England
Published:  October 2008

As a housing and homelessness organisation, we have been particularly concerned at the growing body of evidence which documents both the poor housing conditions of migrant workers and the increase in destitution among this group. We have recently published a discussion paper on this subject, No place like home? Addressing the issues of housing and migration, which is available on this website. According to recent research, new migrants have little choice over the type and location of the housing they live in during their early years of settlement. Their circumstances are dominated by constraining factors and often bear little relation to the settlement patterns of long-standing residents. The housing experience of many new migrants is characterised by instability. Read summary and download 

Response - Children's Trusts Legislative Options

Applicable to: England
Published:  September 2008

Shelter welcomes this opportunity to respond to the Department for Children, Schools and Families consultation on strengthening Children’s Trusts: legislative options. Our response will specifically comment on the following areas of the document: Extending the duty to co-operate; Children and Young People’s Plans and; Statutory Children’s Trust Boards. Read summary and download 

Research report - Neighbourhood watch

Applicable to: England
Published:  July 2008

A new research report exploring the plans and policies of planners and developers and residents’ experiences from the Thames Gateway. Read summary and download 

Response - Fair Play: A consultation on the play strategy

Applicable to: 
Published:  July 2008

Shelter's response to Fair Play - a consultation on the play strategy. A commitment in the Children's Plan. Read summary and download 

Response - CLG's Eco towns

Applicable to: England
Published:  July 2008

Shelter strongly supports the policy of eco-towns as a way of contributing towards meeting the desperate need for more housing, while at the same time acting as exemplars of successful innovation in achieving social and environmental sustainability. Read summary and download 

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