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Policy, research and good practice work forms a major part of Shelter's efforts to address and find solutions for homelessness and housing issues. In this section you can browse through the reports, factsheets, briefings and policy consultation responses that we produce.

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Housing Benefit Strategy

Applicable to: England
Published:  August 2005

This policy briefing contains the findings of Shelter's working group and outlines a strategy for the simplification and administration of Housing Benefit. Read summary and download 

Food for thought: soup-runs and soup-kitchens - a Good Practice briefing

Applicable to: England
Published:  July 2005

This briefing examines the arguments of opponents of mobile food distribution services aimed principally at homeless people, most commonly known as “soup-runs”, and the arguments of those who support them. It concludes that in some circumstances and provided certain conditions are met, such services can have a beneficial impact. Read summary and download 

Response - Homebuy: Expanding the Opportunity to Buy

Applicable to: England
Published:  June 2005

Shelter believes that the current government drive towards spreading the boundaries of home ownership (of which these proposals form part) is questionable. Read summary and download 

Involving users in supported housing: a Good Practice guide

Applicable to: England
Published:  May 2005

This good practice guide contains advice, project examples, tips, suggestions and templates that can be customized for your own services. Read summary and download 

Safe and Secure? The Private Rented Sector and Security of Tenure

Applicable to: England
Published:  May 2005

Private renting in England has changed significantly over the last 20 years. This report examines some of the effects of some of these changes. Read summary and download 

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