Sustain was a partnership project between Shelter and Crisis, with Shelter the lead partner. The project was funded by the Big Lotteryís research programme and ran between 2010 and 2014.

About the research

The study explored the long-term outcomes and wellbeing for vulnerable homeless households who moved into the private rented sector (PRS).

People were visited in their homes three times, with research in:

  • Greater Manchester
  • East Sussex
  • East London.

The final report presents the findings after the households were in their tenancies for 19 months. It looks at housing conditions, relationships with landlords and general wellbeing, focusing on peopleís experiences in the PRS. We've also made recommendations for things people can do to improve the private rented sector.

Download our final report.

Interim report

In 2012 we published an interim report from this study focusing on people's experiences as they moved into the private rented sector. It contains more detail about the types of support they received, their experiences and decisions about housing options, and their circumstances and challenges during the first weeks of their new tenancies.

You can download our interim report here.

It's also available on the Crisis PRS website.

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