Fed up with renting that is unaffordable, unstable and unsafe? So are we.
That’s why we’re demanding that private renting is fixed, no matter where you live.

The Mayor of London has the power to fix renting.

They can deliver stability, safety and homes we can actually afford to rent.

On 5 May London went to the polls to elect a new Mayor. And we're demanding that Mayor commits to fixing renting in and across London.

The housing minister, Gavin Barwell, has the opportunity to fix renting.

We want him to make rented homes safer and more secure for all of us. He can do this by making it law so only homes which are genuinely fit for human habitation can be rented out by landlords.

The current law is out of date. Renters are only protected from being rented an unfit home by their landlord when the annual rent is £52 or less, or £80 or less in London. Nobody’s rent is that low anymore.

With your support we’ve already secured important improvements to renting; now we need you to stand with us again to secure better conditions for all renters.

Join us in demanding that politicians fix renting

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We'll be asking the new Mayor to:

  • build new homes that Londoners can actually afford to rent and buy
  • make sure there is enough housing benefit for private renters
  • ban letting agents’ fees for renters
  • ensure all landlords and letting agents in London are properly licensed and registered
  • help renting families put down roots by introducing longer term tenancies.
  • Will you join us?