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We’re a community

With thousands of supporters, we can mobilise at a moment's notice to address the most urgent housing problems.

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We know what the housing problems are, and we know how to fix them.

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More than one million people each year come to us for advice and support.

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As the recession has tightened its grip, the housing crisis has deepened.

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For every £1 we spend on fundraising, we raise around £4.50 in return.

Campaign wins

We convinced the Government to provide guidance to all local authorities on how to tackle rogue landlords.

We persuaded the Housing Minister to set up a rogue landlord taskforce, invest £1.8m to deal with ‘beds in sheds’, and ensure there is no limit to fines imposed on rogue landlords.

We persuaded the Government that more new homes need to be built: they launched a new £400 million ‘Get Britain Building’ investment fund.

We named and shamed rogue landlords and we’re working hard to help protect private tenants from poor housing conditions.

We’ve won greater protection for tenants who face eviction without warning when their landlord’s property is repossessed.

We helped save 194,000 people from the danger of losing their home by getting a Government U-turn on cuts to housing support.

Around 100,000 homeowners struggling to pay off mortgage arrears now have access to vital funds to prevent their homes being repossessed.

Millions of people who rent their homes now have their deposit protected, thanks to Shelter’s campaigning.

In numbers


Every eleven minutes a family in Britain loses their home.


More than 36,000 households had their homes repossessed in the UK in 2010.


Around 80,000 children in Britain are living in temporary accommodation.


More than 114,000 people were found to be homeless in 2009/10.


More than 240,000 new homes are required each year to meet need and demand in England.

1 million

More than one million children in England are living in overcrowded conditions.

1.7 million

More than 1.7 million households are on housing waiting lists.

2.4 million

2.4 million people in the UK are driven into poverty due to their housing costs.


On any given night in England 1,768 people are sleeping rough.